Sub-advisory Services  provided to leading pension plans, investment management firms, family offices, and other clients. 

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-  Are your mutual fund and ETF investments suffering from the Covid-19 induced market volatility? There are better options. 

-  Accountability Capital announces industry leading performance-based hurdle rate of 5% before management fee may be earned. 

-  Find more about our updated 2020 stock picks and target entry prices. Selections include large, mid and small caps in various sectors.  

-  Get a complimentary copy of our new book:  Practical Advice for Investors and Traders: Navigate and Profit in Any Market.

 Accountability Capital offers alternative solutions to typical generic mutual funds and ETFs which are generally unable to mitigate risks or benefit from volatility, and yet continue to charge management fees even when they perform poorly. Discover Accountability Capital’s advantages and benefits.


Accountability Capital is an independent, active portfolio management and research firm. Our multi-strategy approach utilizes option-based strategies in addition to macro, fundamental and technical analyses. Our focus is on disciplined risk management, yield enhancement, momentum participation and targeted activism designed to create long-term value.

Seek and demand accountability from companies in which you invest and investment managers with whom you invest. 

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Separately Managed Accounts unique to each institutional and retail investor. 

Independent Portfolio Management & research  provided by experienced CFA charterholders who also hold CPA designations and other compelling credentials.