Accountability Capital redefines what active investing means and what active investment managers should be doing. We don’t think hope is a viable strategy and yet that is what investing strategies are largely based on.  Investors, whether institutional or retail, tend to buy a stock and hope the share price eventually goes up. Needless to say that is not much of a strategy, especially in increasingly volatile and challenging market conditions.

Traditionally, "active investing" has simply meant minor deviation from the characteristics of the relevant benchmark in regards to security weighting. At Accountability Capital, our objective is to be a catalyst and drive share price performance. We bring solutions and ideas to improve shareholder returns - in any market condition.  

Founded by CFA charterholder and CPA, Accountability Capital is a catalyst for change and actively pursues strategies to remove and replace under-performing boards and management. We bring actionable, new ideas to boards. 

In addition to our primary multi-strategy approach to investing and championing changes in order to unlock or enhance shareholder value, we also utilize options strategies to manage risk, enhance yield and improve overall returns for investors.

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